Frequently Asked Questions


Domestic Shipping

Shipping within Canada starts at $2.07.

International Shipping 

Shipping to the United States starts at $5.70CAD and $8.90CAD for Worldwide.

Customs Duties & Other Fees 

The buyer is responsible for any duties or other fees related to their purchase.

Lost Packages

If you choose Standard Shipping without tracking there is no way to retrieve information on the shipment therefore it will not be replaced if it gets lost in the mail.



Given the fact that we are closing ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


Absolutely no exchanges.


Refunds will only be provided only IF the product is found to be defective. 




Custom Orders

Prior to First Use

Like anything you hand to your little you should first give it a wash and also inspect it for any possible damage, if any parts may be damaged do not use and contact us.  We also recommend boiling your necklace(s), toy(s) and clip(s) prior to first use.

Day to Day Cleaning

Our products can be cleaned a few different ways: hand washed with a mild, all-natural soap and water- let air dry, in the top rack of the dishwasher (we recommend placing your jewelry in a dishwasher basket -like the kind used to wash baby feeding utensils and pacifiers in), or wiped down with a baby wipe.

Our products are water-proof and can withstand high heat. If you wish to sterilize it you can put it in boiling water for a few minutes, but be careful in removing it, it will be hot! Let cool completely before handling/using.





Our cord is nylon. It's smooth, strong and very durable- thank goodness because those little chompers can be sharp. It dries fast so slobber won't hang around very long at all!



Beads and Toys

Our beads and toys are made of  food grade silicone and contain only natural, vegetable dyes.  They are 100% BPA, Phtalates, Latex and Cadmium free.



Our bibs are made of 100% organic cotton (front) and polyester.  The silicone teether attached to the bibs is made of  food grade silicone and contain only natural, vegetable dyes.  They are 100% BPA, Phtalates, Latex and Cadmium free.

Custom orders are no longer available. 

Safety Tips

* Please do NOT hand your baby any teething products while not under adult supervision. 

* Inspect the products regularly for any possible wear or damage prior to use.  Contact us at if your item(s) become damage or is showing signs of wear within the first year of normal use.


* Teething and Nursing necklaces should NOT be worn by babies/ young children or left with any child unattended.

* The plastic clasps and clips are not intended for chewing.  Chewing on these parts may result in them malfunctioning or breaking which could become a choking hazard.

*We include a card in each order that lists our product's safety features and guidelines.  Please keep this card for reference.